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Olive oil a timeless cosmetic…


ELAIOLADOSince the time of Hippocrates olive oil was famous for its many healing properties, particularly in skin diseases. In ancient times people used olive oil for their hair and their bodies, for cleaning and make them smooth and shiny. Olive tree was considered sacred and blessed. It sprouted and thrived in every part of Greece, owing to the sunny climate of the country. Knowing from tradition that the main raw material in the production of soap is the oleaginous stuff, Greeks came to use the most widespread and abundant vegetable essence in their country which was olive oil. In this way the pure soap from olive oil was born. Thus every Greek household manufactured its own homemade olive oil soap.

Greek Olive Oil guarantees, due to its drastic components, smooth, elastic, shiny and hydrated skin.

  1. olivacuoreRich in Vitamin A and E, which work against free roots, it protects the skin from the sun’s beams and the environment’s pollutant substances.
  2. olivacuoreDue to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients it acts against ageing and wrinkles. 
  3. olivacuoreGreek Olive Oil contains additional ingredients of great significance, such as Vitamin K and trace elements, including Sodium and Potassium, which are also careful to the skin.

Olive Oil contributes to the health of the hair - with impressive results.

  1. olivacuoreThe chlorophyll found in olive oil is more resistant and stable against light,
  2. in comparison to other kinds of oil, thus protecting the hair from severe threats such as dryness.   
  3. olivacuoreFinally, Olive Oil is rich in iron, which is proven to strengthen the roots of human hair.

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