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PRASINO SAPOUNIGreen soap is made according to an ancient tradition without any chemical substances or animal fats and parabens. Rich in vitamin E and oleic acid, Olive Oil is considered to be an effective antioxidant and moisturizing agent that acts against premature aging. People with eczema or psoriasis find this soap very beneficial for their skin.

In Health:

It is very soft and respects the skin as well as nature since it is biodegradable. It doesn’t affect skin ph.

It is usually recommended by dermatologists and medical staff as an antiseptic. Nurses use it as the most appropriate for cleaning patients and as a preventive against dermatological problems caused by bed rest. There are many times they don’t even wash it out, letting it act as skin healing.

Its use calms down cramps that often happen during the night because it contains marks of potassium

In Housework:

Its qualities extend even in the wash of the most sensitive clothes with proportionate economical profit. It doesn’t consist petrochemicals, fragrances and animal’s fat that’s why it is recommended for washing sensitive clothes of babies or allergic people. It is used for the difficult cleaning of shirt collars and generally all kinds of strained clothes.

It is very effective mosquito repellent especially against moth and spider, because tiny insects don’t like its smell.

olivacuoreGreek History:

The roots of soap manufacturing can be traced back in Ancient Greece in the Aegean island of Lesbos. In this island, animal’s sacrifices took places in order to honor the Gods. The animals were incinerated and ashes from the hard woods were collected and mixed with the remainder of the sacrificed animals.
In the texts it is mentioned that after a heavy rain, a yellow residue from the pile of ashes started rolling down the hill - where the Temple was found - and ended up in a nearby river. The local women while washing their clothes in the river observed that their clothes became cleaner when the waters of the river had a yellowish color.

History records that poetess Sappho mentioned in her writings the action of this yellowish liquid. The Greeks in order to honor her, invented the term "Saponification", which stems from the name of the poetess. This is also the chemical term which describes the creation of soap.

As time passed it was proved that when inside the mixture, salted water was added, the removal of glycerin and surplus water became easier, thus the soap was made harder. This old-fashioned "yellow soap" was used mainly for washingELAIOLADO clothes, dishes and for bath.

Long ago in the antiquity, olive tree was considered sacred and blessed. It sprouted and thrived in every part of Greece, owing to the sunny climate of the country. Knowing from tradition that the main raw material in the production of soap is the oleaginous stuff, Greeks came to use the most widespread and abundant vegetable essence in their country which was olive oil. In this way the pure soap from olive oil was born. Thus every Greek household manufactured its own homemade olive oil soap.


Continuing this tradition and combining respect to the consumer and sensitivity towards the environment, we have created a unique collection of handmade soaps with pure olive oil enriched with specially chosen Mediterranean herbs.



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