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Novomed is a Greek company which began its function, based on its care and love for human, in the city of Patras. Guided from nature and having the knowledge of age-old traditional recipes we created innovative natural products of high quality and unique effectiveness to meet daily needs for healthy nutrition, personal care, beauty, health and wellbeing.

Our principle is that each one product is based on the action of herbs and essential oils that are high quality, 100% pure and natural. Our products are complete sentences both in health and in the field of beauty and conceal the primitive knowledge of the beneficial properties of aromatic plants and herbs, for physical and spiritual balance.

All our products are manufactured in Greek laboratories officially recdreamstime_7321735ognized, and distributed to the market both through wholesale trade and through more specialized sectors, such as pharmacies. Proudly, we offer our customers products distinguished for their effectiveness, while combining great rates, with modern, attractive design and quality that guarantees Novomed’s team.

Our goal is not just a simple commercial transaction with you, but building a long-term interactive relationship based on honesty, mutual appreciation, respect and trust. Our Philosophy is built around our commitment to quality and ethics, a responsibility to the environment, and the best in customer service. We promote holistic health and well-being. We believe in the blending of science and nature for the good of all.


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